Django / Go / React Developer

10+ years of web development
7 years of Python Django development
2 years of React development
Backend: Python / Django / Celery / Redis / Nginx / uWSGI
Frontend: Javascript / ES6 / React.js / Redux / Saga / Mobx / Webpack
Databases: PostgreSQL / MySQL
REST API: Django Rest Framework / Golang
Linux: Debian / Ubuntu installation, configuration, support
Socket programming
Web crawlers (pycurl, Golang)
Data processing (lxml, pandas, xlrd, xlwt, reportlab, pycrypto)
Selenium browser automation (Chrome, PhantomJS)
Chrome browser extensions

API integrations: PayPal, Stripe, Redsys Bank, Atrium, Dwolla, MailGun, Pandas, Quandl, Yahoo Finance, WallStreet, Stamps, USPS.

Prefer for deploy: DigitalOcean, Linode, OVH, Hetzner.

Vladimir Grischenko
Recent projects
Financial service
Donkies LLC
  • Backend: Python, Django, Rest Framework, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Frontend: React, Redux, Saga, Webpack
  • Integrations with 3rd party financial APIs
Short description

Python: ≈ 14k loc
React: ≈ 11k loc

Full-featured prototype. Financial project that will help US students to pay their debt faster.

E-commerce store
Alis-96 LLC
  • Backend: Python, Django, Rest Framework, MySQL, Redis
  • Frontend: React, Redux, Saga, Webpack
  • Multilingual support
  • Shopping cart with multiple colors / complectations
  • PayPal integration
  • Retail and wholesale orders
  • Advanced filters
  • Catalogs and products PDF auto-generation
  • Prescriptions
Short description

Python: ≈ 10k loc
React: ≈ 12k loc

Parental control online service
  • Storage: PostgreSQL
  • Cache: Redis
  • API server: Golang, gin, go-pg
  • TCP server: Golang
  • Frontend: React, Mobx, Webpack
  • Desktop client: C#
Short description

Golang: ≈ 12k loc
React: ≈ 9k loc
C#: ≈ 3k loc

Online service allows parents to monitor their children computers remotely. After registration parents create computer profiles and install desktop program on Windows computer. Desktop program communicates with remote server by TCP. Parents can view screenshots, program names and titles, keyboard activity and can remotely control settings.

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Trading portfolio management
  • Backend: Python, Django, Rest Framework, MySQL, Redis, Celery
  • Fronend: React, Redux, Saga, React-d3, ReactDND
  • Accounts
  • Allocations
  • Live prices
  • History prices
  • Positions
  • Securities
  • Trades
  • Trade legs
  • Transactions
  • Watch lists
Short description

Python: ≈ 11k loc
React: ≈ 12k loc

US service for Russian customers
Russia, USA
  • Python - Django.
  • User account.
  • Automatic orders.
  • Billing system.
  • Customer support system.
  • API integration with USPS.
Short description

Vam-posylka is US company that serve Russian customers and helps them to deliver American products to Russia.