Django / Go / React Developer

10+ years of web development
7 years of Python Django development
3 years of API development
2 years of React SPA development
Backend: Python / Django / Celery / Redis / Nginx / uWSGI
Frontend: Javascript / ES6 / React.js / Redux / Saga / Mobx / Webpack
Databases: PostgreSQL / MySQL
REST API: Django Rest Framework / Golang
Linux: Debian / Ubuntu installation, configuration, support
Socket programming
Web crawlers (pycurl, Golang)
Data processing (lxml, pandas, xlrd, xlwt, reportlab, pycrypto)
Selenium browser automation (Chrome, PhantomJS)
Chrome browser extensions

API integrations: PayPal, Stripe, Redsys Bank, Atrium, Dwolla, MailGun, Pandas, Quandl, Yahoo Finance, WallStreet, Stamps, USPS.

Vladimir Grischenko
Recent projects
Financial service
Donkies LLC
  • Backend: Python, Django, Rest Framework, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Frontend: React, Redux, Saga, Webpack
  • Integrations with 3rd party financial APIs
Short description

Python: ≈ 14k loc
React: ≈ 11k loc

Full-featured prototype. Financial project that will help US students to pay their debt faster.

E-commerce store
Alis-96 LLC
  • Backend: Python, Django, Rest Framework, MySQL, Redis
  • Frontend: React, Redux, Saga, Webpack
  • Multilingual support
  • Shopping cart with multiple colors / complectations
  • PayPal integration
  • Retail and wholesale orders
  • Advanced filters
  • Catalogs and products PDF auto-generation
  • Prescriptions
Short description

Python: ≈ 10k loc
React: ≈ 12k loc

Url is not publicly available
Trading portfolio management
  • Backend: Python, Django, Rest Framework, MySQL, Redis, Celery
  • Fronend: React, Redux, Saga, React-d3, ReactDND
  • Accounts
  • Allocations
  • Live prices
  • History prices
  • Positions
  • Securities
  • Trades
  • Trade legs
  • Transactions
  • Watch lists
Short description

Python: ≈ 11k loc
React: ≈ 12k loc

US service for Russian customers
Russia, USA
  • Python - Django.
  • User account.
  • Automatic orders.
  • Billing system.
  • Customer support system.
  • API integration with USPS.
Short description

Vam-posylka is US company that serve Russian customers and helps them to deliver American products to Russia.